Our School is one of the branches of Rayat Shikshan Sanstha founded in 1919 by Padmabhushan Dr. KarmaveerBhaurao Patil, the well-known Social and Educational reformer. He established the Sanstha with a view to provide educational opportunities to the real needy ones, who in spite of being sufficiently intelligent, could not get education as there was no school in the vicinity of their residence. Padmabhushan Dr. Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil started his work by establishing boarding for the children of all castes. He initiated the principle of "Earn and Learn." He sought the cooperation of the people and started establishing primary and secondary schools in various places. He created a solid base for the Sanstha among the masses. This can be very clear from the tremendous progress which will be seen in the following information

Loknete Ramsheth Thakur Public School is an ambitious venture of Rayat Shikshan Sanstha which believes in qualitative education. It has at present a five-storey building with two lifts and will be having multi-dimensional educational courses and programs. Its mission and ambition is to ever expand the scope of educational facilities so as to benefit the larger segments of the society.It is an educational institution that combines quality, innovation, tradition, and modernity. The purpose is to produce a new generation of wellgroomed, well-enlightened, sincere, and responsible citizens of the nation. The institution is provided with infrastructural facilities, materials, equipment, and a team of well-trained, specially-oriented, enthusiastic, and committed teachers to monitor the educational activities. In LRTPS, Education is not imposed on the students but it is made a pleasurable experience which will eventually bring a desirable modification in their behaviour and contribute to the all-round development of their personality.


To provide a conducive learning environment and nurture 21st century skill set of young minds enabling them to be healthy and a responsible global citizen.


  1. To provide competency-based education through variety of activities in sync with curriculum transaction.
  2. To assess and reinforce for progressive holistic development of a child.
  3. To enable usages of latest educational technologies to empower every learner.
  4. To help every child develop creative and critical thinking and discover their latent talents.
  5. To develop children as responsible citizens with a global perspective and environmental awareness and care, being aware of their current and future roles.
  6. To help every child in practicing healthy life style by empowering them about health and wellness.