Dance Competition (2023-24)

Pre – Primary Section

Date: September 27, 2023 (Wednesday)

“There are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them”.

Loknete Ramsheth Thakur Public School organized a ‘Dance Competition’ for the children of the pre-primary section. Dance develops physical creative, imaginative, emotional, and intellectual capacities. It also requires social skills. Dance provides opportunities for artistic and aesthetic education as well as opportunities for children to explore and express moods and ideas symbolically through movement.

Dancing lowers stress and anxiety. Dancing exercises the heart, lungs, muscles, joints, and ligaments. So it tests your balance, muscle strength, and coordination. But more than that dancing also requires cognitive skills and memory.

Through this… children were able to show their talent and develop their dancing skills. When young children study dance, they learn self-motivation. Dancing encourages children to experiment and find different paths to solving problems.

The students of enjoyed the event.